LINXDays Southeast Asia 2021 Webinar

Introducing You to the World of Hyperspectral Imaging

Hyperspectral Imaging -

What It Is & Its Best Practices?

Discover how hyperspectral imaging can quickly and accurately identify different materials or define their properties through how they react to light.

This non-destructive way of identification solution is increasingly used in many industries (F&B, Pharma, Recycling & Waste Mgt, Manufacturing etc), OEMs, integrators, research & airborne users to identify and sort different materials.

Tuesday, 26 Oct 2021
4:00 pm
90 minutes
Esko Herrala
Senior Application Specialist
(SPECIM, Spectral Imaging Ltd.)
Sales and Business
Development Manager
(SPECIM, Spectral Imaging Ltd.)
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At A Glance

Join this special LINXDays Webinar to learn about hyperspectral imaging – a relatively new technology in the area of machine vision applications. Discover the new possibilities and how it can be applied to solve machine vision tasks in your industry.

This webinar will uncover ways the spectral camera is used to precisely identify object properties based on spectrally resolved colour or chemical information through hyperspectral imaging techniques.

You will understand what hyperspectral imaging is all about and its benefits. We will be sharing some of the best practices and application examples that will set your minds thinking of how you can apply this in your industry as well.

As hyperspectral imaging offers a huge variety of both hardware and software components to choose from, this webinar will also explain how the hyperspectral imaging camera works and give you an overview of product combinations that work best for different applications.

What Is Spectral Imaging?

Objects are illuminated by a number of narrow bands of wavelengths of light from the ultraviolet (UV) through the visible and the infrared (IR) spectrum. An image is taken of the object when exposed to each wavelength, with the resulting series of images stacked together to form a spectral map of the imaged object.

Using this image stack, special algorithms are written to highlight and analyse specific components or details of the object concerned.

There are two levels of spectral imaging: hyperspectral and multispectral. With hyperspectral imaging, an object is exposed to a broad range of very narrow wavelengths across the UV, visible and IR portions of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Multispectral imaging on the other hand, only exposes the object to a set of predetermined wavelengths.

Spectral imaging offers up a world of possibiities.

Join the upcoming LINXDays Webinar to understand more of what spectral imaging is and how you can get started quickly.

The Webinar Begins In:

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