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LINXDays Southeast Asia 2022 Webinar

Inspect with Speed & Precision on Virtually Any Material

Measure the Impossible

with LMI’s Latest Line Confocal & 3D Profiling Sensors!

Discover LMI’s latest technologies to accomplish more with fewer sensors and yet be able to capture, inspect at high resolutions any challenging material structure like transparent, highly reflective, multi-layer material in any high-speed environment.

Guest Speakers From LMI Technologies:

Peter Wiklund
Senior Business
Development Manager
Zack Lu
FIELD Application Engineer
Wednesday, 3 Aug 2022
4:00 pm (SGT)
90 minutes

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The Webinar Begins In:


What is 3D Line Confocal Imaging?

LMI’s 3D Line Confocal Imaging (LCI) technology is a specialized optical metrology technology for measuring microscopic-scale dimensions and tomographic structures.

This powerful technology is based on an optimal method called lateral chromatic aberration and has a number of unique advantages over other machine vision technologies:

  • Analyses do not require any additional filtering: the imaging is based on the raw data, so what you see is what you measure
  • Any color combination can be measured: matte or glossy, dark or light
  • All surface types can be measured: mirror-like, glossy, transparent, translucent, curved, convex, concave, soft, fragile, porous.


In the webinar, you will discover what makes LCI 3D Line Confocal Sensors unique and it is found in many applications including:

  • Measurement of curved edge mobile phone displays
  • Roughness analysis of transparent and non-transparent surfaces
  • Defect detection on multilayer components
  • Offset, step height, layer thickness, air gaps, clearance, distance, angle, area, volume, and coplanarity analyses in various industries
  • Burr height analyses in the metal industry
  • Seal integrity analysis of medical packages
  • Various analyses in printed, hybrid, flexible, and organic electronics
  • LMI’s latest Gocator 5500 Series that comes with next-generation on-sensor IIoT vision software and smart features and capabilities.
Gocator® 5500 series


Join LINXDays 2022 Webinar to understand how you can take advantage of this LCI technology in your business today.

Gocator® 2600 series

What are 3D Profile Sensors?

3D profile sensors are used in machine vision strategy to measure the alteration of a fixed laser line when projected onto an object using a camera mounted at a known offset angle. In this way, thousands of profiles are generated, resulting in a high levels of accuracy.


  • In what situations where LMI’s lates Gocator 2600 series is perfect for your Inline Inspection and Optimization needs.
  • How it is used in automotive manufacturing, packaging and logistics, and food processing applications
  • Why the compact size Gocator 2600 3D Profile Sensors can be networked together to carry out comprehensive dimensional gauging and high-resolution 2D/3D quality check of huge targets at inline production speed across multiple environments.
  • The latest features and benefits that Gocator 2600 Series brings.


Join LINXDays 2022 Webinar to understand how you can take advantage of Gocator 2600 3D Profile Sensors in your business today.

The Webinar Begins In:


Join the first LINXDays 2022 Webinar on 3 August 2022 at 4 pm and get all your questions answered by our experts.

This webinar is perfect for everyone:

  • To learn about the latest developments from LMI
  • To discover the latest machine vision solutions that can accurately and reliably perform complex, high resolution inspection tasks
  • To talk to leading experts in machine vision systems

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